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Who We Are

We undertake the implementation of energy projects

Who is SSW;

SUNSOLARWIND is a rapidly growing company in the field of environmental energy applications, comprised of well-trained and certified staff. Our company offers complete packages for the construction and management of photovoltaic systems and energy projects on behalf of either its customers or its partners – installers.

Our story

The company SUN SOLAR WIND IKE was established and has been operating successfully since 2012. However, the experience of its members in the field of the construction of RE projects and especially in photovoltaic installations comes from a pre-existing activity during their participation in SUNWIND IKE , which operated and successfully completed a series of projects in the first wave of development of photovoltaic installations by 2012. Consequently, due to the emerging turn in the industry, the founding members decided to create two new companies that successfully continued the activity of the pre-existing company; one of them is SUN SOLAR WIND IKE.

Vision & Values

We believe that it is time to take real action to create a world that works with green energy. Renewable energy is the key to a cleaner future, and the planet needs to act now to reduce the effects of climate change.


Our success in numbers.

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We have undertaken the study and the implementation of various projects.

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Large network of partners specializing in the field.

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Years of Experience

More than 10 years of Industry experience.


We have received all the relevant certifications.


Quality Management System in the field of Research, Construction, Renewable Energy Sources Systems Trade. Energy Assessment, Application Study and Construction of Photovoltaic Stations.

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