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Supporting documents for issuing an energy performance certificate

For properties after 1983 (erection after 14/3/1983)

  • Copies of Architectural Plans (Floor Plan, Property Sketch)
  • Copy of the declaration of the property in the Land Registry (if statement has been made)
  • Copy of Building License
  • Copy of a semi-open area setting request (if a request has been made)
  • Topographic Map / Sketch Copy (if applicable)
  • Property title or contract
  • Boiler Maintenance Sheet (optional)
  • Thermal insulation study (optional)

The following data will also be recorded for the PSC issue:

Basic Property Data

  • Street, Number, Area, ZIP
  • No. Property (eg Apartment A2)
  • Exact square meters of property
  • Year of Construction Completion
  • Reason for issuing EEO (Sale, Rent, etc.)

Contact Person Details

  • Property (Owner, Administrator, Tenant, Technical Manager, etc.)
  • Name, surname, contact number

Property Details

  • Name, surname, ID number

For the issue of the payment document, the following information is required from one of the owners

Residence Address: Street, Number, Area, ZIP

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