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Research, Design, Installation of Renewable Energy Systems

Our company, having extensive experience in the field of renewable energy, is responsible for the design, design and installation of renewable energy systems, such as photovoltaic systems and wind turbines.

The forms of renewable energy are:

the sun – solar energy, with sub-systems active solar systems, passive solar systems and photovoltaic conversion,
wind – wind energy,
hydro-power, limited to small hydroelectric power of less than 10 MW,
geothermal – geothermal energy: high and low enthalpy,
biomass: thermal or chemical energy with the production of biofuels, the use of forest residues and the utilization of industrial agricultural (plant and animal) and municipal waste,
the seas: wave energy, tidal energy and ocean energy by the temperature difference of the waters at the surface and at great depth

The main advantages of RES:

They are practically inexhaustible sources of energy and help reduce dependence on conventional energy resources which over time is exhausted …
They are indigenous sources of energy and contribute to strengthening energy independence and security of energy supply at national level.
They are geographically dispersed and lead to the decentralization of the energy system. This enables you to meet the energy needs at local and regional level, relieving infrastructure systems while reducing energy transmission losses.
They enable the choice of the appropriate form of energy tailored to the needs of the user (eg solar energy for low temperature heat to wind power for power generation), achieving more rational use of energy resources.
They typically have low operating costs, which are not further influenced by the fluctuations of the international economy and, in particular, conventional fuel prices.
RES investments are labor intensive, creating many jobs, especially at the local level.
They can in many cases be central to revitalizing degraded, economically and socially, regions and poles for local development by promoting investment based on the contribution of RES (eg greenhouse and geothermal energy).