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What does the Energy Efficiency Certificate look like?

According to the Building Energy Efficiency Regulation of Κ.Α.Κ. (Article 14) the Energy Efficiency Certificate of buildings:

It depicts the energy classification of the building. The energy categories of the building are A +, A, B, C, D, E, Z, H
The PTA includes, among other things, the general building data, the estimated total primary energy consumption of the building and the building under consideration, the annual energy consumption by energy source and end use, the actual annual total final energy consumption, the calculated and actual annual carbon dioxide emissions, and recommendations for improving the energy performance of the building.
Each notary for the preparation of a transaction for the purchase of immovable property is obliged to mention in the contract the protocol number of the SMP and to attach to it an official copy of the SMP. In each rental of immovable property, the protocol number of the SMP must be completed in the relevant fields of the electronic lease statements submitted after 09/11/2015 on the basis of Article 58, paragraph 3, Law 4342/2015.
In the event that the RDP is issued in the context of programs for the domestic sector funded by national and / or Community resources, the Energy Inspector’s recommendations are referred to, as a priority, on the basis of eligible interventions each time.

The PEA has been in force for ten years, except in the case of a major renovation of the building before the end of the decade, when its validity expires upon completion of the renovation work and a new one has to be issued.

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